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i love to live life to the fullest and this can only be achieve when you are healthy not rich. A millionare cann't enjoy life when he is unhealthy. He/She can only afford a good hospitals, expensive treatment & Doctors ,it means he has to spend time with doctors and in hospitals not with his family,friends and for himself. 
When we are talking about healthy person he can enjoy every moment of life with whatever is avialable with him.
So I believe and give preference to Health first because I love my friends & family and I want to spend every second of life with them not with doctors.
Something about me:
  • My experience is my life which is the best teacher
  • I am and Engineer by profession but fitness freak.
  • Trained gym instructor & sports person.
  • You can contact me at
 I believe in fun fitness that achieves real results. My lessons feature a range of cardio-vascular exercise and great fitness work outs, diet charts,coupled with skill developing tasks, partner work to improve reactions and level-specific challenges.  

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I am available for any tips & support related to Health, Fitness, Exercises & Diet charts.I feel great to guide you with best technique,Tricks,Natural Food to make you healthy.